Boards let you combine datasets, assets, and text into web pages which you can share and embed.

Creating Boards

Boards can be built using either Datapane's Python API, CLI, and the Web UI on Boards are comprised of blocks of Datasets, Assets (such as files, visualisations, and plots), and Text.

Block Name



Resources of tabular data that can be added to your boards. Learn More


Results from your analysis, such as visualisations and files. Learn More


A markdown block which you can use to document and annotate your board


Boards have two modes, Edit and View. If you are the owner of the Datapane you will see the Datapane in edit mode by default. Toggling the Preview button will switch to view mode, showing you how your board appears to others.


Boards can be shared with others by sending them the URL.

By default, boards and only visible by yourself. You can change the visibility to public by switching the Public/Private Toggle in Edit Mode.


Boards can be embedded onto other platforms, such as your internal wiki, a web page, or social medium platforms such as Reddit and Medium.