Authentication, Sharing, and Versioning

Datapane Enterprise allows secure, authenticated sharing of reports, scripts, blobs, and secrets. Each user on your Datapane instance (e.g. has a private password-protected account.

Each Datapane instance exists as a separate database tenancy, so accounts are not shared between instances. You cannot use the same account to authenticate across multiple instances.

All items which can be created on your Datapane instance have a visibility setting which dictates the users who can access them. The visibility options are PUBLIC, PRIVATE, and ORG , and are typically configured on object creation. The default permission is ORG.

For instance, with a report:

# Publicly available to anyone with the link
# Available to every registed user on your Datapane instance
# Available to only you, and not other users in the tenancy

For reports and scripts, you can also configure visibility settings through the web interface.

Access Tokens

If you want to share a private report with an outside party - such as a client or contractor - you can use the link provided next to the Share button to generate a secure signed token. This link contains this token which allows anyone with the link to access the report, without signing up to Datapane.

This token also works across embeds, so you can embed a private report into platforms such as Confluence or your own webpage. For security reasons, access tokens are revoked after 24 hours, so this is not a suitable method for long-term sharing.


Datapane Enterprise adds versioning support to your reports. If you publish a report with the same name as a previous report, it will increment the version. Using the Datapane web UI, you can view previous versions of reports.