Authentication and Sharing
Datapane allows secure, authenticated sharing of reports, scripts, blobs, and secrets. Each user on your Datapane instance (e.g. has a private password-protected account.
For information on installing the Datapane CLI and authenticating with your Datapane server, please see the relevant section of the Getting Started guide.
Each Datapane instance exists as a separate database tenancy, so accounts are not shared between instances. You cannot use the same account to authenticate across multiple instances (including Datapane Community).

Access Tokens

If you want to share a private report with an outside party - such as a client or contractor - you can use the link provided next to the Share button to generate a secure signed token. This link contains this token which allows anyone with the link to access the report, without signing up to Datapane.
This token also works across embeds, so you can embed a private report into platforms such as Confluence or your own webpage.
For security reasons, access tokens are revoked after 48 hours, but this can be configured by your instance admin under Settings -> Account -> Secure signed link timeout.


Your administrator can create user groups on your Datapane Server under Settings -> Groups. This allows reports and apps to be restricted to specific groups of users -- for instance an external client, or a specific internal team. When a new user is added to your Datapane server, the administrator can add them to a specific user group.
Datapane Servers come with a default user group. All reports and scripts are shared with the default group automatically. If you do not want specific internal or external users to view these reports, do not add them to the default group.
You can also change the group of a report via the web UI (as per the first image above).
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