Deployment and Hosting
Datapane Teams is a client-server architecture consisting of a local, open source Python library and a hosted server component.
For Datapane’s server component, we provide the following deployment options:
Managed Hosting is suitable if:
    You want to start immediately
    You don't want to manage Datapane on your infrastructure
    You want an out-of-the-box, secure solution
    You want to get automatic updates with all the latest features
Self-hosted is suitable if:
    You don't want any data to leave your infrastructure (e.g. HIPAA, SOC2)
    You want to deploy, manage, upgrade, and configure Datapane yourself
Managed - Customer VPC is suitable if:
    You want us to deploy, manage, optimize, and update Datapane for you on your own VPC on your cloud platform
    You need on-premise but don’t have internal DevOps resource

Managed Hosting

    Runs on Datapane's infrastructure
    Deployed by Datapane
    Auto-scaling Kubernetes
    Updates and migrations managed by us
    Data leaves your infrastructure


Datapane provides a managed instance on a custom domain. Datapane provisions the customer an isolated instance with its own single-tenant web-server and an isolated database. Data is stored on a single-tenant Google Cloud Storage bucket, which is encrypted at rest.
Datapane will upgrade, administer, and maintain the server. Core data leaves the customer’s network and enters the Datapane network where it is protected by the security measures below.

Security Measures

    Binary data and assets are stored on Google Cloud Storage, and user data and report metadata is stored in Google Cloud SQL (isolated per customer). In both mechanisms, data is encrypted at rest. For technical information, see the Google Cloud FAQs.
    Scripts are stored on single-tenant Google Cloud Storage buckets which are encrypted at rest. Execution of scripts happens in an isolated environment which is namespaced to the tenancy and is fully sandboxed.
    Our endpoints are TLS/SSL only
    We use audit logs on Google Cloud to provide an audit trail over infrastructure and the Datapane platform, allowing security analysis and audit access
    Datapane API requests are authenticated using secure private tokens over TLS/SSL.
    Each user has a private account which is not shared with other instances and operates in a separate database. Users cannot authenticate across tenancies.
    Secure signed URLs can be generated for reports, automatically expire after a user-defined period, and can revoked on request.

Self-hosted (Docker)

    Run on your infrastructure
    Docker-compose deployment
    Deployed by you
    Updates and migrations managed by you
    Telemetry data leaves your infrastructure
For instructions for self-hosting Datapane, please see


Datapane provides a docker-compose setup which customers can deploy on their own cloud or server environment. Core data never leaves the customer’s network, although telemetry data will leave the network for billing and analytics purposes.
Extensive documentation is provided, and deploying, administering, and maintaining the server is the responsibility of the customer.
This may include:
    Installing the docker-compose services
    Keeping the server up-to-date
    Managing storage, database, and cache backends
    Creating SSL certificates and load balancers

Enterprise (Cloud-first on-premise)


    Run on your infrastructure
    Can be deployed and managed by Datapane
    Updates/migrations managed by Datapane
    No data leaves your infrastructure
Datapane deploys, manages, and maintains a server on your private VPC. No telemetry data will leave your network. Datapane will customize the Datapane instance for your specific requirements, including (but not limited to):
    Optimized database, blob storage, cache support using your cloud provider primitives (e.g. RDS, S3)
    Authentication and authorization integrations
    HTTPS/TLS gateway support and setup
    Email alerting and reporting integrations
    Custom cloud region deployments
Datapane’s team will update and maintain the server based on pre-agreed upgrade policy. Solutions engineering for Datapane Apps and Report building and custom integrations and services can be provided.
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