Frequently asked questions about Datapane

How is Datapane different from a hosted Jupyter Notebook, such as Google Colab?

Datapane is not intended to be a replacement for a notebook. Notebooks are great for analysing data and data science R&D, but are not multi-user boards which can be shared and embedded. You can import datapane into your notebooks to turn them into shareable boards.

Can I share and embed my Datapane with others?

Yes. You can share your Datapane as a URL or embed it into other platforms, such as Medium or Reddit. On our paid plans, you can also build user groups to share Datapanes within your team.

Is Datapane secure?

All your functions run within a sandbox using Linux containers on Kubernetes. This means they are isolated and can't talk to each other. Datasets are stored within Datapanes' cloud and can only be accessed by yourself via the web app unless they are shared and made public.

You can also host Datapane on your own infrastructure: if you're interested, get in touch.