Querying Components


Many times, your report will have different components, but you may wish to embed or share only a subset. Instead of creating a report for each component, you can extract the relevant components by specifying a query in your report URL (blocksquery=).

This functionality uses XPath to query your report. In addition to the uses below, you can use any valid XPath query.

Component Types

There are four component types you can specify in the link to access different components

  • Table : Extract dataframe

  • Plot : Extract plots

  • Text : Extract markdown

  • File : Extract files or images

Querying a specific type of component

Let's say there are both Markdown and Plot components in your report, and you want to share the plots in your report. Simply add /?blocksquery=//Plot at the end of the report link.

For example, to extract the plots in this report: https://datapane.com/ryancahildebrandt/reports/movies_dashboard_3496f91c/

we add /?blocksquery=//Plotat the end of the link like this:


Now we will just see the plot components:

Access a Specific Component

If you want to solely include the first plot of the report, add /?blocksquery=//Plot[1] at the end of the link. For example, this link https://datapane.com/ryancahildebrandt/reports/movies_dashboard_3496f91c/?blocksquery=//Plot[1] will give you the first plot

And this https://datapane.com/ryancahildebrandt/reports/movies_dashboard_3496f91c/?blocksquery=//Plot[2] will give you the second plot