Export to Medium
Write a lot on Medium? Datapane lets you convert your existing Datapane reports into Medium story drafts, preserving formatting and layout while making all visualizations interactive.
The text blocks in your report are converted to text in your Medium story, and all plots, datasets, and files are automatically embedded.
If you just need to embed a public report or plot directly into a Medium article, see the section on embedding. This section is for converting Datapane reports into Medium drafts.

1. Get a Medium Integration token

Go to Medium.com -> Settings, then scroll down to 'Integration tokens'. Type a name like 'Datapane' into the input box, then click 'Get integration token' to create a new, 65-character token.
Medium Settings page

2. Copy Medium integration token into your Datapane Profile

Copy this token and go to your Datapane settings page. Paste in the 'Medium token' input box, then hit 'Update'.

3. Share Report

When you navigate to an existing report and click 'Share Report', you'll now see an option to 'Create Medium Story'. Clicking on this will export the contents of your existing report to Medium as a draft (just make sure that your report visibility is set to 'Public'). You can edit the content further and publish on Medium once you're ready.