New in Datapane 0.9

Templates are reusable helpers which are contributed by the Datapane Community to make common reporting tasks easy. A template is a Python function which can take inputs (including other blocks, pages, or reports), and returns blocks, pages, or even whole reports. This provides an easy way to buildĀ and share helpers which can be reused across your own reports, or share your methods with the Datapane Community.

Example Templates

  • Add an interactive source code tab to any other block (such as a plot or a dataset)

  • Build a report from a Markdown file and a list of datasets and plots

  • Add reusable headers or footers to all pages in a report

To see current templates, please view the API docs, which are automatically updated with the latest contributions.

Contributing a Template

We love community contributions. If you have a useful template, please add it to templates.py with a doc string and open a pull request on our GitHub Repo.