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Parameter Options

When you define your list of parameters, all can include the following options.

Field Required Description
name True The name of the parameter. This must be a combination of lower case letters, numbers, and dashes and must be unique to your script.
type True The type of the parameter (see options below)
description False A description which is presented to the user when they run your form.
required False Whether your parameter is required or optional. Defaults to true.
default False A default value for your parameter.

Parameter Form Fields

The type of your parameter and other settings dictates how it is presented in your form. Datapane supports the following form fields.

Form Field type Extra options Default value
Text input string ””
Slider integer Both min andmaxproperties set. min value
Integer input integer One of min/max not set undefined
Float input float undefined
Boolean input boolean false
Dropdown enum The first choice supplied
Date picker date undefined
Time picker time undefined
Date and time picker datetime undefined
List Input list If provided with no choices []
Multi Select Input list If provided with choices: an array of strings and numbers. []