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Uploading and sharing

This section covers ploading your report so you can share it with others.

Upload a report

So far we've demonstrated how to build and view reports locally; however, one of the most powerful features of Datapane is the ability to upload your report straight from your code and share it directly with your team or the wider world.

Once you've logged in to your chosen Datapane server, call report.upload(name='Your report name') in your script and your report will be uploaded to your Datapane instance for viewing online. This will return the URL of the report that you can share.


Report.upload was previously called Report.publish. The old syntax will still work but has been deprecated.

Let's see an example report uploaded to, with the uploadsyntax. Set the open boolean parameter to True to open the report afterwards automatically, and add a description to change the preview text for your viewers.

import altair as alt
from vega_datasets import data
import datapane as dp

source =

plot1 = (
        tooltip=["Name", "Origin", "Horsepower", "Miles_per_Gallon"],

report = dp.Report(dp.Plot(plot1), dp.DataTable(source))
report.upload(name="My first report", description="Testing out an Altair report")

Once uploaded, you can share the link with others so they can view your report and comment on it. Public reports are viewable and shareable by default.