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Uploading an app

Once you've logged in, run app.upload(name='your app name') in your Notebook or script and your app will be uploaded to Datapane Cloud for viewing online. This will return the URL of the app that you can share.

Let's see an example app uploaded to, with the upload syntax. Set the open boolean parameter to True to open the app afterwards automatically, and add a description to change the preview text for your viewers.

import altair as alt
from vega_datasets import data
import datapane as dp

source =

plot1 = (
        tooltip=["Name", "Origin", "Horsepower", "Miles_per_Gallon"],

app = dp.App(dp.Plot(plot1), dp.DataTable(source))
app.upload(name="My first app", description="Testing out an Altair app", open=True)

Once uploaded, you will be able to view your app on the web using the URL provided.

Next, we'll cover how you can securely share your app with your team.