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Workspace settings

Workspace settings

You can access your Workspace settings through the main navigation bar under Admin. Only Admin members will have permission to access and change these settings. There are three separate sections:


Here you can manage the subscription of your Workspace plan. You will see the number of active members your Workspace has and the name of your plan. If you have just signed up for an account, you will be on the free Cloud Starter plan.

The Cloud Starter plan limits you to:

  • 1 Project (which will be your default Project)
  • Up to 5 private apps

Only apps not set to be publicly visible in App settings will count towards this limit of 5 apps.

At the bottom of this page, you can upgrade your Workspace plan to Cloud Pro. Selecting this button will take you to Stripe to manage your payment and billing.


When you change the number of active members your Workspace has, it may take up to 12 hours for the changes under Next payment to be reflected.

Workspace billing


Here you can add, edit and remove members of your Workspace.

When inviting a new member to your Workspace, you'll be asked to enter their email address, the role you want them to have, and the Projects you wish to give them access to.


When someone accepts the invite to your Workspace, they will automatically become an active member. If you have upgraded to Cloud Pro, they will count towards your next payment amount.

Invite member modal

For more details on managing members and roles, see Workspaces > Managing members


Here you can change the name of your Workspace and change the visual style of your apps.

Other settings