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👋 Welcome to Datapane

Datapane lets you transform a Jupyter Notebook or a Python script into an beautiful, interactive web app which you can share with non-technical audiences in 10 seconds.

Why build a data app?

Python and Jupyter are amazing for analyzing data, but are bad for sharing with non-technical audiences. This means data scientists struggle to demonstrate value and spend hours manually compiling reports for stakeholders in tools like PowerPoint.

Serverless data apps bridge this gap. Data scientists use the plots, data, and functions in their Jupyter Notebook or script to build interactive web apps which stakeholders can use to get answers. Result: your data science analysis makes the impact it deserves!

Why should my data app be serverless?

A serverless architecture means that you can build and share apps without thinking about backend code, hosting, or infrastructure.

  • Tired of rewriting notebooks or scripts as backend applications? Build data apps from inside of any existing Jupyter Notebook, pipeline, or script in 1 line of code
  • Struggling with backend code and complex hosting? Upload apps in <5s to Datapane Cloud and share with a link, or export static HTML which you can host anywhere or share via email/Slack.

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Get up and running in 10 seconds with our Quickstart guide, or get started with our step-by-step tutorials.

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    Learn how to use Datapane through short exercises.

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    Browse through premade and reusable Blocks, Components, and Templates.

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  • Reference

    View the technical descriptions of the API and how to operate it.