Introduction to Datapane


Datapane makes it easy to share results from Python analyses, such as datasets and visualisations. Use Datapane's Python API, CLI, or web interface to deploy data, visualisations, and files to hosted boards which can you share with your team, community, or embed into social platforms like Reddit and Medium.


Datapane is comprised of three main concepts:

  • Boards, which combine datasets, visualisations, and text. You can share boards with your team via a URL or embed them directly into social platforms such as Reddit and Medium.

  • Datasets, which are the tabular data that you want to display in your boards. Import them from CSVs, pandas DataFrames, or Excel files.

  • Assets, which are results which you want to display in your boards, such as visualisations, plots, or files. Deploy them directly from Python using Datapane's API, or import them manually using the web UI. Datapane supports common visualisation libraries, such as Altair, Bokeh, and Matplotlib.