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Datapane is no longer actively maintained.

We've made the difficult decision to stop driving this project and therefore we will no longer actively respond to issues or pull requests. If you would like to take over maintaining this project independently, please let us know so we can add a link to your forked project on our GitHub.

The final release, 0.17.0, has been optimized to focus on free local report saving, with unused features and analytics removed, and libraries updated to allow usage for as long as possible.

Thank You.


Datapane makes it simple to build interactive reports in seconds using Python.

Import Datapane's Python library into your script or notebook and build reports programmatically by wrapping components such as:

  • Pandas DataFrames
  • Plots from Python visualization libraries such as Bokeh, Altair, Plotly, and Folium
  • Markdown and text
  • Files, such as images, PDFs, JSON data, etc.
  • Interactive forms which run backend Python functions

Datapane reports are interactive and can also contain pages, tabs, drop downs, and more. Once created, reports can be exported as HTML, shared as standalone files, or embedded into your own application, where your viewers can interact with your data and visualizations.

Get started

Get up and running with our Quickstart, or dig deeper into the rest of the docs.