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Datapane is an open-source toolkit for creating web apps, dashboards, and reports for data analytics in 100% Python. It makes it simple to build self-service tools for non-technical users which can go from MVP to production.

Live Example


Not just for MVPs

Deploy to existing web hosts or embed in an existing Python web framework (like Flask). Add background processing, auth, and callbacks to go beyond demos.

Share standalone reports with no server

Export Datapane views as static HTML reports which you can share on Slack or Email, or embed in your product. No server required.

Ship apps from Jupyter

Build and ship data apps from inside your Jupyter Notebook and existing scripts in <5 lines of code.

Other Features

  • User sessions and state handling
  • Intelligent caching
  • Fast and performant
  • Easy integration with authentication/authorization
  • Integrate into existing web frameworks (like Flask or FastAPI)
  • Host on existing web hosts, like Fly and Heroku
  • Out-of-band background processing

Get started

Get up and running in 10 seconds with our Quickstart, or dig deeper into the rest of the docs.