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Datapane is an app development platform which gives you everything you need to build internal data analytics products using Python.

Why use Datapane?

🐍 100% Python

Build apps and reporting tools without writing HTML, CSS, or worrying about infrastructure.

🔋 Batteries included

Not just for demos and MVPs. Build products with background processing, integrations, reporting, and more.

🚀 Simple to host

Deploy to any web host, run on your own server, or embed into existing frameworks like Flask and Django.

Check out example reports and apps in our Gallery.

Live Example

Progress & Roadmap

  • Blocks & Views
    • Display blocks
    • Layout blocks
    • Static site export
  • App server
    • Backend functions
    • Forms
    • Client-side events (e.g. onload)
    • Caching
    • Sessions
  • Reports
    • HTML reports
    • Cloud reports
  • Deployment
    • Dockerfile generation
  • Components library
  • Tasks
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Background tasks
  • Data layer
    • Files
    • Analytics DB (DuckDB)
    • App state DB (sqlite)
  • Integrations & Messaging
    • Slack
    • Email
    • Webhooks

Get started

Get up and running in 10 seconds with our Quickstart, or dig deeper into the rest of the docs.