Welcome to Datapane

High-level introduction to Datapane

What is Datapane?

Datapane is a Python library for building interactive reports for your end-users in seconds.

Import our library into your existing script/notebook and build reports programmatically by wrapping components such as:

Datapane reports are flexible and can also contain pages, tabs, drop downs, and more. Once created, reports can be uploaded to the web, dynamically generated in the cloud, or embedded into your own application, where your viewers can interact with your data and visualizations.

Here's an example of a basic Datapane report exported to a HTML document:

import pandas as pd
import altair as alt
import datapane as dp
df = pd.read_csv('https://covid.ourworldindata.org/data/vaccinations/vaccinations-by-manufacturer.csv', parse_dates=['date'])
df = df.groupby(['vaccine', 'date'])['total_vaccinations'].sum().reset_index()
plot = alt.Chart(df).mark_area(opacity=0.4, stroke='black').encode(
color=alt.Color('vaccine:N', scale=alt.Scale(scheme='set1')),
total_df = df[df["date"] == df["date"].max()].sort_values("total_vaccinations", ascending=False).reset_index(drop=True)
total_styled = total_df.style.bar(subset=["total_vaccinations"], color='#5fba7d', vmax=total_df["total_vaccinations"].sum())
dp.Report("## Vaccination Report",
dp.Plot(plot, caption="Vaccinations by manufacturer over time"),
dp.Table(total_styled, caption="Current vaccination totals by manufacturer")
).save(path='report.html', open=True)
A HTML report

These docs include tutorials and guides on how to use Datapane effectively.

API docs describing the Python API for building Datapane Reports, along with additional information on the Datapane Teams API can be found at https://datapane.github.io/datapane/

Datapane Studio

If you want to share your report on the web, Datapane Studio provides a free API and hosted platform for uploading and sharing reports. If you have already created an account and are signed in, you can upload your report in a single Python command:

).upload(name='Vaccination Report', open=True) # upload & open report in the browser

Once uploaded, you can share your report with your community, class, or friends by sharing the link.

A published report on Datapane - easy to share privately or publicly

In addition, you can embed your uploaded report into social platforms, like Reddit and Medium, where your readers can explore your data and plots interactively without leaving your content, like this:

Live embedded Datapane report

Your free Studio account comes with an unlimited number of public reports, and 5 private reports so you can test it within your organization. If you need more private reports, contact us or try our Enterprise product (read on)

Datapane Teams

If your team is using the Python data stack for analysis and visualization, but is still relying on a drag-and-drop BI tool to share results, Datapane Teams provides an API-first way to share reports directly from Python. This enables data teams to use the tools they are gifted at to drive business decisions, and allows stakeholders to self-serve on what the data team is building, instead of going through a backlog.

In addition to providing secure, authenticated report sharing, Datapane Teams allows automated report generation by allowing data teams to deploy their Python scripts and Jupyter Notebooks to the cloud. Reports can be generated from parameters entered through web forms, on a schedule, or on-demand through our HTTP and Python APIs.

Other features include: